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Beaches in Tenerife

Don't worry, you won't be the only one in the world who thinks that black sand is weird! we've all done it...and forgotten about it too, especially...when there are many more interesting things to look at on the beach ;)

The sand on Tenerife beaches ranges from the typical golden colour, (imported from the Sahara) through to black sand found on most beaches. We are always asked, 'is it warm enough on the beach at Christmas?' ...well, yep it is. Average temp all year round is 23°c and that's where most people will be.

playa san juan las vistas beach terresitas beach nr santa cruz

There are also a few blue flag beaches in Tenerife, awarded for cleanliness and quality of facilities. As with most beaches around the world. wherever there is a nudist section to a beach, the gay beach won't be far away...

Listing of beaches coming very soon...

bar and cafe guide
section coming very soon...
TENERIFE FACTOID No.9: Admiral Horation Nelson had his arm shot off in the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife    

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