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CARNIVAL Tenerife Guide - 2009

The Carnival in Santa Cruz De Tenerife is the 2nd largest in the world behind Rio de Janeiro.

This week long party is in preparation for the onset of Lent when it is tradtionally a time to give up something (we've given up Lent itself, so we can still drink booze & eat chocolate!) ...everyone involved in Carnival, gorges on the excesses of music, dancing, all night street parties, carnival parades with scores of fantastic floats and dancing and drumming the night away....it is an unmissable event in the Tenerife Gay Calendar.

carnival 2009 theme  

2009 theme for Carnival is


The main days Carnival will be:
21st - 24th February.
You will have to book early to get a hotel room in Santa Cruz over this period

It is tradtion for men to dress as women at Tenerife carnival and most local men of all ages do without any persuasion needed. Some say that the reason why even the most hirsuite men 'drag up' over carnival is due to a time in Spanish history when mothers' prevented their Canarian sons being forcefully signed up to Franco's (the Spanish Dictator) Army, by disguising them in their clothing so that they appeared to be daughters! ...we have a couple of theories of our own!

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For your information...

This is how the locals do Carnival... we recommend it
Do the first Saturday night, when the parade is far sexier.
1. Spend the morning at the beach
2. Have a big lunch and do Siesta
3. Get up at 9pm and have a snack
4. Spend all night at the Carnival in fancy dress

The Burial of the Sardine
Yes, the burial of the sardine, we're not quite sure of its origins, but what we can tell you is that it is hysterical!!

Locals dress in black (we mean everybody) this is not a time for colourful couture. Very loud weeping and wailing from very suspect members of the clergy (if you have a nuns outfit, bring it) signifies the end of carnival...then a giant effigy of a sardine is set on fire... Very funny, comical atmosphere, even if you don't understand.

Puerto De La Cruz Carnival
Although nowhere near the size of the Santa Cruz Carnival, Puerto De La Cruz does have it's own parade and party atmosphere including the Miss Agua Con Gas competiton and a high heels dash - reserved only for drag queens. Great fun.

Los Cristianos Carnival
Lots of live salsa music and dancing throughout Carnival week


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